Area 31 Director TM Shoko Suto / TM 須藤 晶子

Edo/江戸, Utage/宴, Forward 1st Sunday, Forward, Ginza

Assistant Area 31 Director Program Quality TM Takae Konno / TM 金野 多加位


Area 32 Director TM Maki Matsumoto / TM 松本 真紀

Tozai, KeyForce, Shibuya, MinamiAoyama

Area 33 Director TM Ed Kuiters

Hello Division C(olleagues)! My name is Ed, originally from The Netherlands. Started Toastmastering 10 years ago, and I am still here! Why? Because I have learned a lot, I still and learning a lot and most importantly I enjoy it. Looking forward to share my experiences and enthusiasm with you this TM year.

Aoyama Lunch, Tokyo American Club, Tokyo Mita, HTM

Area 34 Director TM Takashi Hirano / TM 平野 貴司


Minami Aoyama Business, Pioneer/パイオニア, Fantasista/ファンタジスタ, OmoteSando Bilingual/表参道バイリンガル

Area 35 Director TM David Blomberg

My name is David Blomberg and I am greatly looking forward to working with you all over the coming year.  I am here to help our clubs and members reach their Toastmaster's goals. So, let's have a good time and looking forward to meeting you all for the first time or again.

Oval, S.E.T., Cisco Japan, GS Japan, TCS (P)

Assistant Area 35 Director Club Growth TM Ichiro Naito / TM 内藤 一郎

Area 36 Director TM Chris Cooper

FCCJ, Breakfast, Tokyo, TokyoDebate

Assistant Division Director Club Growth TM Aoi Takako / TM 青井 多賀子

It's very honor to serve Division C again as an assistant Division C Director Club Growth.

I want to be your support in aspects of Club Growth, working with Division C Director Yuki Matsuda.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion to improve our Division more!

Club visit support in case AD's cannot attend, Support prospective clubs to be chartered.

Assistant Division Director Program Quality TM Masayo Arai / TM 新井 昌代

Everything is changing. In the term of 2018-2019, we are facing many changes, no more fall contests, COT#1 was done earlier, new members don't receive manuals, but a link. But don't worry, I'm here to support you, all. Let's struggle and find a lot of fun together.


COT program support in case, Pathways support and Contest support

Division C Director TM Yukimasa Matsuda / TM 松田 行正

Creativity, Capacity, Continuity   ​ 創造性を豊かに、キャパを広げ、継続していきましょう よろしくお願いします

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