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Division C Blog ディビジョンCのブログ

May 23, 2018

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Shibuya Toastmasters Club, Area32 渋谷トーストマスターズクラブ、エリア32

October 18, 2018

Recently, I heard a couple of news about Shibuya TMC that they are now evolving. From Area Director, Maki Matsumoto san, and a guest who visited them. I was so excited to visit them to see how they are.


The meeting was called to order by VPE TM Haruki. As weekday club's challenge, he had to arrange the role taker assignments on spot and he did it smoothly. Also, TM Haruki conducted the meeting as TMOE. He introduced the role takers. Word of the evening today was introduced as "Imaginative" by TM Taka1. 
VPE Harukiさんが、ミーティングを開催されました。平日クラブの難題として、急な役割変更を手配しなければなりませんでしたが、Harukiさんはスムーズにこなされました。また、今日の司会としてミーティングを進行されました。役割担当を紹介されました。今日の夕方の言葉は、Taka1さんから "想像力あふれる"が紹介されました。


We had three prepared speakers today. The first speaker was Makiko who shared the brand strategy by picking up her experience about chocolate company branding. She introduced us a brand from the Netherlands who uses only the free slavery cacao to produce their chocolate. She shared us the power of story in promoting a brand and she inspired us to use the storytelling power.


The second speaker was TM Yuji, who recently visited a club in Singapore. He shared his experience to join a club meeting in other country. It was also another inspiring speech with his body language telling his excitements. He made us want to visit a club outside of Japan, and a club inside Japan, too.


The third speaker was TM Paul. He challenged a fact-finding report to share us regarding diversity. It was awesome report from his actual research with enourmous interviews with HR officers in Japanese companies. He unfolded the imaginative story by using the statistic numbers from other reliable reports. He convinced us how diversity is important to our society, especially in this modern Japan. He also had the Q&A session with open-minded attitude with clear answers.